GALAXY STACKED, Ikonik, Wonder Fortnite Account 159+ Skins

(12 customer reviews)

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2. Receive an email with the Game Account details

3. Log in to the Game Account and verify description

4. Confirm the delivery

5. Seller gets paid

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All Accounts Are Mergable! Can be used in All Consoles !

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  • This account includes following:Skins:

  • Wonder
  • The Reaper (John Wick from season 3 battlepass)
  • Some older Twitch Prime skins.
  • A lot of Item Shop skins.
  • Galaxy Skin
  • Honor Guard
  • Stealth Reflex
  • Royal Bomber
  • Ikonik!
    Harvesting tools: alot of old pickaxes 
It also had alot of old gliders from past seasons like season 1,2 and 3.
When you purchase the account, i will as fast a possible send you the account, when i send you the account, you will get full access to the account! The account is very rare, and have been taking good care of. The friendslist has been cleaned and you can already start using the account as soon as you login.

12 reviews for GALAXY STACKED, Ikonik, Wonder Fortnite Account 159+ Skins

  1. Kai

    And is it for ps5

    • Fortnite Accounts

      yes it works for ps5, instant delivery.

  2. James

    Does it works for xbox?

    • Fortnite Accounts

      Yes, the account is full access.

  3. Heather

    does it work for ps4 and is it still up for sale

    • Fortnite Accounts

      yes stil for sale.

  4. Drift

    Dose it work with Nintendo switch

    • Fortnite Accounts

      Yes account fill access and working with nintendo switch.

  5. xd_ImAGhostLemon

    Does it work for PC?

    • Fortnite Accounts

      Yes account full access and working with PC.

  6. Violet_panda1

    Does it work for ps4

    • Fortnite Accounts

      Yes, account is working on Ps4 and is full Access.

  7. Voltairemort

    I’ll buy this but only if I can play it on Xbox. Your description says it’s mergeable but they disabled that back in 2019. Could you join my lobby later on today on your Xbox to prove its an Xbox account, please. My epic is Voltairemort

    • Fortnite Accounts

      hi, yes this is account is proved to work on xbox. regards.

  8. Voltairemort

    Can I use a card instead of Bitcoin?

    • Fortnite Accounts

      Only btc payment.

  9. evie

    is this still for sale?

    • Fortnite Accounts

      Yes, It’s available for instant delivery!

  10. expereMok

    • Fortnite Accounts


  11. Kiwi

    Is this still available? And will the gmail you put will be included or removed? And is there also orange justice?

    • Fortnite Accounts

      yes, account still available, you will have full access to the email, and you may change it after.

  12. Bengboizzzz

    Is this account sold? Also can I add you on discord so I know it isn’t fake?

    • fortniteaccount

      sorry this account is out of stock.

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