Fortnite Account (Full access)- OG Skull trooper skin – black night -ikonik FOR SALE!

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I’m selling this fortnite account.I am willing to let it go for a fraction of the price I spent on this game. This account has save the world progressed through canny valley page 5 and has some og battle royale skins and gliders. This account is full access I will send you everything to the email and even epic games. It also has the new season 10 battle pass. Rarest skins on the account are probably ikonik and black knight. It has every single battle pass on the account and all the battle pass skins with it. 50 legendary skins. 1 marvel based skin which is black widow. 61 epic skins including the ikonik and og skull trooper skin. 15 rare skins including the new $10 breakpoint skin and soccer skin. 10 uncommon skins including the braniac Halloween skin and toy trooper skin. There is way more information on this account. This account will work for any platform you play on like pc console or Xbox and even mobile.

2 reviews for Fortnite Account (Full access)- OG Skull trooper skin – black night -ikonik FOR SALE!

  1. Jeniffer Posada

    i just love this account, amazing collection you have here, last account i bought had vbucks and i was like OMG thanks!

  2. memesans

    and is it still available?

    • Fortnite Accounts

      yes instant delivery.

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